blue blue blue blue blue
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blue photograph by casey armstrong-friese

hip. cool. blue...what's not to love about a volkswagen bus sitting in the desert. 


notes from the photographer

i named this one blue for all the right reasons.  it's the first thing you see, the first thing you want to see in this photo...for whatever reason, it seems more human than bus to me.  deserving of a name.  as if it was sat there smiling as i took it's portrait.  


available in the following sizes (including frame)

16"h x 21"w 

22"h x 30"w 

29"h x 40"w 

40"h x 58"w


the facts

printed on matte archival gallery paper

2" white mat (smaller mat used on 16" x 21")

1 1/2" white gallery frame