. intro to the blog
hello! we’re glad you’re here to join us in this journey. we’ve been thinking about our blog for a while and meaning to get on it (cause there seems to be a new story on the daily), but with all things…sometimes a little wait is worth it and now that we have collected our thoughts, over lots of coffee, and we are ready to share our stories with you.
and yes, here is the obligatory "intro to the blog" image.  wink.  
we wanted to give you a little insight as to what you can expect to find here. of course, over time that may change, blossom, etc., but because it’s only the two of us right now, we’re fairly confident that alongside running the biz, mom-ing, and wife-ing, our frequency will be about once a week. 
onto the good stuff. what are we going to be talking about? the blog is a perfect place to talk in more depth about the things you’ll see us dip our toes in on social –
basically, real life + topics that matter to us. you’ll find us chatting about the highs and lows of building the business - the start-up life, and probably a lot of WTF (the humor we find in the bumps in the road)!?, our design crushes, woman crushes, inspirations/ obsessions – we feel a “stalker series” coming on (let’s face it, we all have a little of it in us - ha!), and other lifestyle loves.
like us, the blog will be casual and conversational. informal. and we’ll be rotating our posts - so you’ll hear from both of us.
see you on the weekly!