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we believe that home is the most important space.  it’s a reflection of each of us; it’s where we gather, where we relax, and it’s filled with our stories, expressions and memories. 

our goal is to help you create your ideal living space and style with the pieces we collect and produce, while keeping your home casual yet poised, and one that can truly be lived in.

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. intro to the blog

. intro to the blog

hello! we’re glad you’re here to join us in this journey. we’ve been thinking about our blog for a while and meaning to get on it (cause there seems to be a new story on the daily), but with all things…sometimes a little wait is worth it and now that...

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. a little more about us

. a little more about us it's us.  two moms. ex-career gals. building a startup. here's the backdrop.

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